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ASYKW 119 ZucottiManicotti

Zucotti (left) with Meatwad and Shake

Zucotti Manicotti is a puppet that appears as the main protagonist in the episode of the same name. He has a puppet show that Meatwad enjoys, very much. In space, the real Zucotti with the real Crimson Tightwad feels a disturbance, so, he went to earth to confront Shake for deceiving Meatwad. Meatwad goes crazy because he saw two Zucotti Manicottis and threatens to kill both of them. For the rest of the episode, Meatwad puts Zucotti Manicotti through four tests, but he still too stupid to know which is the real Zucotti. Zucotti snaps at Meatwad, which causes Meatwad to kill him. Meatwad was horrified that he accidentally killed the real Zucotti. Shake is thoroughly amused despite enduring a gunshot wound to his hand caused by Meatwad's confusion.

Zucotti Manicotti is voiced by Phil Morris.

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