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Zucotti Manicotti
ASYKW 119 ZucottiManicotti
Season 9, Episode 9
Airdate August 19th, 2012
Production Number 908
Writer(s) Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Director(s) Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Guest star(s) Kevin Gillespie (Crimson Tightwad)
Carl Jones
Zack White
Cody DeMatteis
Taylor Church
Krista Carothers
Parental Advisory TV-14 DLV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 9
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"Zucotti Manicotti" is the 9th episode of Season 9 and 119th overall of Aqua Something You Know Whatever.


Meatwad gets into the hype of a new puppet show called Zucotti Manicotti. He watches a marathon of it which lasts until midnight, and Shake eventually breaks the TV. Frylock has Shake clean up the mess, and Meatwad gives Frylock his Christmas list, all being related to Zucotti Manicotti. On Christmas, Meatwad gets the Zucotti hand puppet, which Shake uses to his advantage, by scaring him into thinking Zucotti will get him. Later that night, Shake scares him again by having the hand puppet "attack" him. Meatwad shoots the puppet down. The real Zucotti Manicotti sees this in space, and zooms down to New Jersey to help Meatwad see he is being deceived. Shake uses the hand puppet again to trick Meatwad into shooting the real Zucotti down. Conflicted, Meatwad puts Shake and Zucotti to a bunch of tests. Zucotti tries to explain that everything he does is just on TV, and Shake's only excuse is gland swelling. At the final test (involving eating 100 eggs), Shake has the puppet digesting the eggs through the bullet hole (from earlier), and Zucotti snaps. Meatwad shoots Zucotti down, saying he looked taller on TV. Shake then pretends to be an FBI agent and places Meatwad under arrest, revealing that Meatwad had actually killed the real Zucotti. Meatwad suffers a mental breakdown and now resides in his room, lights off, with a noose hanging from the ceiling, forcing Frylock to put Prozac in his cat food due to Shake scarring him for life.

Featured CharactersEdit


  • The Plutonians' and The Mooninites' ship can be found in this episode.
  • This episode mentions the Aqua Teens' residence still in New Jersey.
  • The chicken(s) seen on the farm are recycled from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters.
  • The ending theme for this episode does not use the "Dancing is Forbidden" sample.
  • The designs for Zucotti Manicotti, Crimson Tightwad, and the puppetering for this episode are all by Awesome Inc., who also helped with making the opening theme song.
  • The Zucotti hot air balloon may have to do something with the Meatwad hot air balloon on the adult swim store.
  • The 4th test that Meatwad gives is (as Zucotti mentioned) a nod to the film Cool Hand Luke.
  • Carl does not appear in this episode.
  • The box that holds the Zucotti Manicotti hand puppet says HandBanana on top of it.
  • Whenever a word was censored it was censored by a fart noise.
  • The skyline of Philadelphia is shown the second time in this series.
  • Phil Morris guest stars as Zucotti Manicotti, but is uncredited during the credits.

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