- Golf Day -

Shake & Meatwad must play golf with friends.

- Rain -

Frylock hides Master Shake & Meatwad & Carl in a house during a storm.

- Chicken Wing Contest -

Meatwad eats Chicken Wings and gets a eating contest.

- Flora The Explorer -

Meatwad hangs out with his friend Flora.

- Turbo Cats -

Frylock has a party with Turbo Cats.

- Honey Dogs -

Meatwad & Carl eat honey with Dogs.

- Sarah -

Carl gets cancer and hangs out with Sarah.

- The Granite Friends -

Meatwad sets up World War 3 and gets in trouble.

- Booked Out -

Shake & Meatwad are booked out and must do something fun.

- The Law Of New Jersey -

Meatwad uses a forbidden stuff and gets in trouble with the Police.

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