As it has been a few months since I took over as this Wiki's adoptive administrator, I wanted to detail some of the changes that have been made. We the community have put in a good deal of work to elevate this place from where it was!


Click here to view the homepage as it was on its last edit, November 16, 2011. As you can see, it's been given a more consistent design, it is up to date, information on Aqua Teen Hunger Force is now pronounced, and we even have some community features on display (our poll and randomized trivia, respectively)!

The navigation bar has also been updated, making it easier to browse the Wiki.

Community & Policies

Once a no-man's land, the Wiki is now centered more around the community. We now have rules and policies to help regulate quality interaction and edits. The forums give our members a place to talk with each regarding work on the Wiki or to just chat about the series we all know and love.

Improvements to the Wiki

Since beginning our work on this Wiki a few months ago we've made strides in improving it. Many pages have been edited and improved, a lot of the vandalism that had been nestled deep in the Wiki has been removed, and the categories have been cleaned up. One of the larger projects I took on was making navigation on episode pages easier. Well, I managed to do that. Check it out! The Episode Guide and the DVD Guide has also been updated; the former was lacking about four seasons of episodes.

We also started another project. Spearheaded by our own Edd Shwartz, the List of Incredibly Minor Characters helps cut down on the amount of pages that we had dedicated to characters that were otherwise not notable at all. This massive list has devoured these useless characters, allowing our pages to be dedicated to listing the notable characters.


Becoming the administrator of an almost dead Wiki was tough. Not having anyone to help out would have made it difficult for me to get anything done around here. Thankfully, that was not the case - Edd Shwartz has proven himself dedicated to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Wiki.

For this dedication I have decided to bump Edd up a rank, he is now what is known as "Rollback." While this doesn't come with a major increase of permissions, it does show that Edd is trusted enough to help protect the Wiki from the threat that is vandalism. Congratulations, Edd!

Obligatory Heading

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas (or whatever it is that your family celebrates)! Until next time!

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