Season One:

This Show is Called Squidbillies: TV-14-SV

Take this Job and Love it: TV-14-LV

The ending scene with Early at a strip club isn't enough for an S.

School Days, Fool Days: TV-14-DLV

Chalky Trouble: TV-14-DLV

Family Trouble: TV-14-DL

Office Politics Trouble: TV-14

Not enough for either an L or a D, but close.

Season 2:

Government Brain Voodoo Trouble: TV-14-DLS

Butt Trouble: TV-14-DLV

Double Truckin' the Tricky Two: TV-14-DLV

Swayze Crazy: TV-14-DLV

Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble: TV-14-DLS

Meth O.D to My Madness: TV-14

Early shooting a pig isn't enough for a V. This episode is close to a TV-PG-DLV, but I rated it a 14 due to drug references.

The Tinest Princess: TV-14-DLSV

Not enough for a MA, but I gave an S subrating due to it being implied that the Sheriff had sex with a monster.

Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust: TV-14-DLV

Bubba Trubba: TV-PG-LV

One of the few episodes I think is okay with a PG. There is course language and some blood, but it's not enough for a 14. Also, there are no sexual references.

Burned and Reburned Again: TV-14-DLS

Rusty licking a lawnmower isn't enough for a V.

Terminus Trouble: TV-14-L

Not enough for a V, and there's no sexual references, but I gave it an L for Early shouting obscenities at the baseball game.

Survival of the Dumbest: TV-14-DLV

A Sober Sunday: TV-14-LV

Rebel Without a Claus: TV-14-LV

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