1. Pilot - TV-14-DL - Joel shoving his face into Danielle's breasts isn't enough for an S since it's very brief. And a student beating up another student doesn't get a V.

2. Rich Girl - TV-14-DL - Drug use doesn't get a TV-MA.

3. Field of Dreams.... And Dogs - TV-MA - Just for Russ spray-painting "Rockland sucks dick" on the school lockers. And a dog humping another dog doesn't get an S.

4. Fires & Liars - TV-14-DLS

5. Stupid Idiots - TV-14-LSV

6. Nits - TV-14-DLS - A woman giving guy head is shown, but it's not that explicit. And one mention of sucking dick is fine with a TV-14-DL IMO.

7. The Magic of Science - TV-MA-L (Original rating)/TV-MA (Current rating)

8. My Brother Brian - TV-MA - Just for jokes about homosexuality. One mention of sucking dick doesn't get an L, and Brian getting raped by a guy behind a dumpster doesn't get an S. And violence is far from a V.

9. Jesse Judge Lawncare Incorporated - TV-14-L

10. Youngbloods - TV-14-DLV - A V for Dirt getting beaten up.

11. The Great Traveler's Road - TV-14-DL

12. Black Squirrels - TV-14-DL

13. Reggie Dog Bites - TV-14-LV

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