1. Resurrection - TV-PG-DL - The name "Dick Dousche" isn't enough to get a TV-14 IMO.

2. Chan - TV-14-S

3. Rascals - TV-PG-DLV - The word "tits" is fine with a TV-PG-L if said once or twice IMO. And a V for Eric beating up Bob Odenkirk.

4. Spagett - TV-14

5. C.O.R.B.S. - TV-PG-V

6. Jim and Derrick - TV-14

7. Jazz - TV-PG - TBH I didn't notice any sexual references, so I'll just rate it TV-PG until someone can point out anything sexual for me.

8. Muscles For Bones - TV-PG

9. Larry - TV-14-DV - The "Pee in a Girl's Mouth" song isn't enough for a TV-MA IMO.

10. Brownies - TV-14 - One mention of masturbation doesn't get a D.

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