1. Vacation - TV-14 - Only for the Poop Tube commercial.

2. Dad's Off - TV-PG-DS - The couple making love is brief and not very strong, so it's fine with this rating. And one bleeped-out swear doesn't get an L.

3. Dolls - TV-PG-DV - Rape being mentioned doesn't get a TV-14. And a V for the opening skit.

4. Coma - TV-PG-DS - The "Come Over" karaoke isn't enough for a TV-14.

5. Forest - TV-14 - Tim getting attacked by the mother Chippy isn't enough for a V.

6. Carol - TV-14 - One use of "asshole" isn't an L.

7. Robin - TV-PG-DL - A D for the 69 joke.

8. Innernette - TV-PG-DL

9. Pepperoni - TV-14-D - Tim flipping off doesn't get an L.

10. Embarrassed - TV-14-V - Tim and Eric's fight isn't a V, but Eric ripping Tim's heart out earns the rating.

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