1. The Model from Newark - TV-14-DLS/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - An S for a quick shot of a guy with his hand in his pants.

2. Tim's Hair Looks Amazing - TV-14-L/TV-MA (Uncut)

3. Percey Davis Boulevard - TV-14-L/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

4. Cool Uncle Stu Balls - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Stu and Rodney watching porno in the beginning isn't an S, since it only showed breast nudity and no actual sex occurred.

5. The Caddy's Shack - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Trent putting his dick in a golf hole isn't an S, and a possum being shot is too mild for a V.

6. The Sausage Salesman - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

7. Super Gay Eduardo - TV-14-D/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Homosexuality jokes aren't enough for a TV-MA.

8. The Pros and Cons of Killing Tim - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - A guy with his censored out penis shown and a dog humping another dog isn't an S.

9. A Tale of Two Rodneys - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - A D for Stan making prank calls.

10. Keith to the Rescue - TV-14-DL/TV-MA (Uncut) - A D for the boss making a semen joke. And the boss having an erection isn't an S.

11. Pudding Boy - TV-14-L/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - The outside of a male strip club being shown isn't an S.

12. The Celebrity Who Shall Remain Nameless - TV-14/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

13. Strip Club Hostage Situation - TV-14-DSV/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Not enough profanity for an L. And a V for Mitch getting shot.

14. Game Night - TV-14-DS/TV-14-DLS (Uncut) - The line "dicklick" gets a D.

15. Action Packed Heist - TV-14-D/TV-MA (Uncut) - The boss' ice sculpture doesn't get an S.

16. Fall Foliage - TV-14-DLS - Sexual jokes aren't enough to get a TV-MA, but it was close. I gave it an L for Tim saying "pussy", and an S for Stu having sex with his girlfriend offscreen.

17. The Well Dressed Snitch - TV-14-D/TV-MA (Uncut)

18. Pray for the Jets - TV-14-L/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

19. The Smug Chiropractor - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

20. Corporate Disaster - TV-14-D/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

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