1. Tim's Beard - TV-PG - Tamest episode of the show.

2. Unjustly Neglected Drama - TV-14-L/TV-MA (Uncut) - Blood shown inside an apartment room doesn't get a V.

3. The Comeback Sermon - TV-14 - Only for "shit" being said.

4. Atlantic City - TV-14-L/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Not enough sexual references for a D.

5. Legend of the Month - TV-PG-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

6. Marie's Dead Husband - TV-14/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - I only gave it a TV-14 for the same reason as The Comeback Sermon. Everything else is rated TV-PG-DL in this episode.

7. The Girl Scout Incident - TV-14-L - For a couple uses of "shit" and the n-word being heard in a rap song.

8. Rodney Has a Wife - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Rochelle making out with Rodney doesn't get an S.

9. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Gone Wild - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - The car crash doesn't get a V.

10. Amy's Got a Gun - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Amy unintentionally shooting Bashko in the foot and Tim in the shoulder is too moderate to get a V.

11. The Salty Jazz - TV-14/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - Only for Tim unintentionally offending patrons at the jazz club by saying "niggity" while scatting, he wasn't really saying the n-word at all.

12. Jews Love to Laugh - TV-14/TV-MA (Uncut) - For jokes about jewish people. And something interesting about this episode is that the character of Adam is voiced by James Urbaniak, who is best known for being the voice of Dr. Venture and Phantom Limb in The Venture Bros.

13. Nagging Blonde - TV-14 - A sign inside the pub reading "A place where no one gives a shit" doesn't add up to an L.

14. Tim & the Elephant - TV-14-L/TV-MA (Uncut) - Not enough sexual references for a D. And in the uncut version, Tim saying "suck my cock" doesn't get an L IMO.

15. Debbie's Mom - TV-14/TV-14-L (Uncut) - Only for the word "shit" being said, everything else is TV-PG-DL. And the Honkers scene isn't a TV-PG-S.

16. The Escape Artist - TV-14-L/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - One mention of jacking off doesn't get a D.

17. Personality Disorder - TV-14/TV-MA (Uncut) - Only for people mistaking Tim's weiner costume for a penis.

18. Stu is Good at Something - TV-14-L/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - The uncut version earns the rating for Stan yelling "cock" multiple times in one scene.

19. London Calling - TV-14-D/TV-MA-L (Uncut) - A D for a mention of "titty-fucking".

20. Novelist - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

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