1. Mermaid - TV-MA - There is bloody violence, but it's all pretty moderate, so it's okay for a plain TV-MA. And bugs having sex at the end also earns the rating.

2. Beer Googles - TV-14-DSV - This episode is too moderate for a TV-MA.

3. Whale Show - TV-MA-V

4. God of Monkeys - TV-MA - Not violent enough to get a V, but it's still a TV-MA because it parodies religion.

5. Organs - TV-MA

6. Old Girlfriend - TV-14-SV

7. Tunnel Girls - TV-MA - Violence is too moderate to get a V, but I still rated it a TV-MA for a group of girls having group sex on top of Drinky while he's trying to sleep.

8. Elephant Man - TV-MA - The ending scene showing the Elephant Man's bloody remains after Drinky and Gabby did drunken surgery on him is shown briefly, so it doesn't need a V.

9. Bar Show - TV-14-LV

10. Aspire - TV-MA - Not violent enough to get a V.

11. Peace - TV-14-LV

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