Every episode in the uncut version is rated TV-MA-L.

1. Pretty Boy Flizzy - TV-14-DL - Tom beating up Pretty Boy Flizzy near the end doesn't get a V.

2. Good Times - TV-14-L - The word "shit" being said uncensored doesn't get a TV-MA-L.

3. Breaking Granddad - TV-14-L - The van explosion at the end doesn't get a V.

4. Early Bird Special - TV-14-DLS - Need to rewatch.

5. Freedom Ride or Die - TV-14-L - The riot scene doesn't get a V.

6. Granddad Dates a Kardashian - TV-14-DL

7. Freedomland - TV-14-L

8. I Dream of Siri - TV-14-DL

9. Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has - TV-14-DLV - Same reason as Brady.

10. The New Black - TV-MA - For offensive homosexuality jokes throughout.

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