Every episode in the uncut version is rated TV-MA-L unless noted.

1. It's a Black President, Huey Freeman - TV-14-DL

2. Bitches to Rags - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-14-DLS (Current rating) - An S for Thugnificent being shown with his hand in his pants, which could mean he's jacking off.

3. The Red Ball - TV-14 - The n-word is said twice, so no L.

4. The Story of Jimmy Rebel - TV-MA - For strong racist content throughout.

5. Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy - TV-14-LV - This episode is rated TV-MA-V for Bushido Brown getting decapitated with blood gushing out, but it's not enough.

6. Smokin' With Cigarettes - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-L (Current rating) - The horror movie isn't enough for a V. Also, "fuck" is only said once, so same rating for the uncut version.

7. The Fundraiser - TV-14-LV

8. Pause - TV-MA - For offensive homosexuality jokes throughout.

9. A Date with the Booty Warrior - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-DL (Current rating) - Same reason as Brady.

10. The Story of Lando Freeman - TV-14-DL - Lando having an erection isn't an S.

11. Lovely Ebony Brown - TV-14-DL - Need to rewatch.

12. Mr. Medicinal - TV-14-L - Drug use doesn't get a TV-MA, and Robert playing the bongos naked while high doesn't get an S.

13. The Fried Chicken Flu - TV-14-L

14. The Color Ruckus - TV-MA - Same reason as The Story of Jimmy Rebel.

15. It's Goin Down - TV-14-DLV - Jack's girlfriends being killed isn't enough for a TV-MA-V.

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