Every episode in the uncut version is rated TV-MA-L unless noted.

1. Or Die Trying - TV-14-DL - The anti-piracy warning doesn't get a V.

2. Tom, Sarah, and Usher - TV-14-DL

3. Thank You For Not Snitching - TV-14-DL - Same reason as Brady.

4. Stinkmeaner Strikes Back - TV-14-DLSV (Original rating)/TV-14-DLS (Re-rating)/TV-14-DL (Current rating) - Need to rewatch.

5. The Story of Thugnificent - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-DL (Current rating)

6. Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch - TV-14-DLSV/TV-MA - "Fuck" is said three times, so it's not an L.

7. Shinin - TV-14-DL

8. Ballin - TV-14-L

9. Invasion of the Katrinians - TV-14-L - "Fuck" is only said once, so same rating for the uncut version.

10. Home Alone - TV-14-L - Huey and Riley attacking Uncle Ruckus with BB guns doesn't get a V, neither does Huey and Riley's BB gun fight.

11. The S-Word - TV-14-L - The n-word doesn't get a TV-MA IMO.

12. The Story of Catcher Freeman - TV-14-LSV (Original rating)/TV-14-DLSV (Current rating)

13. The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2 - TV-14-DLS (Original rating)/TV-14-L (Current rating)

14. The Hunger Strike - TV-14-LSV - Yeah, this episode never aired on Adult Swim, but that doesn't mean it gets a TV-MA. Also, an S for a stripper giving Rallo Goodlove a lap dance.

15. The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-L (Current rating) - Originally for racist content, but it's moderate. And it's less racist than Return of the King and The Color Ruckus. Also, a man's face getting clawed off isn't enough for a V, since it only showed some blood splatter.

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