1. Best Friends Forever - TV-14-V

2. Mayhem Donor - TV-14-V

3. Lord Stingray Crash Party - TV-14-V

4. Hotchick - TV-14-SV - An S for Jacknife masturbating.

5. Gay Wedding - TV-14-DSV

6. Ghosts - TV-14-V

7. Jailbot 2.0 - TV-14-V - Alice's flashback isn't enough for an S.

8. The Budding of the Warbuxx - TV-14 - There is barely any violence, which makes it ridiculous to rate it TV-MA-V, even though every episode has that rating.

9. Superjail Grand Prix - TV-14-DV - A D for Paul talking about cutting off a guy's dick and shoving it in his neck.

10. Vacation - TV-14-V - There is frequent blood and gore, but it's more comedic than intense.

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