1. C.A.R.R. Trouble - TV-14-DLSV (Original rating)/TV-14-DLV (Re-rating) - A D for two uses of "cocksucker". It's bleeped out, of course. Originally gave it an S for a topless woman without full detail, but it's not enough.

2. The Five Diamonds - TV-14-LSV

3. Tinfoiled Again - TV-14-L - Violence is too moderate to get a V.

4. The Rube Job - TV-14-V

5. XXX Wife - TV-14-DLS - This episode got rated TV-MA-S for some sex scenes, but it's too moderate. And C.A.R.R shooting a squirrel with a BB gun and a man getting attacked by the tiger women is too mild for a V.

6. Ninja Worrier - TV-14-V - Six uses of "bastard" doesn't get an L. But that word would receive a TV-14-L if said 8 or more times IMO.

7. Quiller Instinct - TV-14-DV - One use of "pussy" doesn't get an L.

8. Hip Hop Hooray - TV-14-DLV - Women twerking doesn't get an S.

9. Just Voodoo It - TV-14-SV - One mention of blowjobs doesn't get a D, and an S for the bathtub scene.

10. I Saw Stroker Killing Santa - TV-14-LV - Six uses of "asshole" gets an L.

11. How to Get Dead in Advertising - TV-14-LV

12. The Wrath of Khan'Ja - TV-14 - Khan'Ja exposing her bare breasts which are actually tentacles doesn't get an S.

13. Three Cheats to the Wind - TV-14-DLV - Rick watching the porno commercial doesn't get an S.

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