Not yet finished. Also, this is for all three seasons.

Note: If an episode has two ratings shown (TV-Y7/TV-Y7-FV), that means I gave it two separate ratings. The one on the left is the regular rating, and the one on the right excludes strong profanity such as the f-word and c-words.

Season 1:

1. Burning Visions - TV-MA/TV-14-LV - "Fuck" is said three times and "cocksucker" is said once, so it gets a plain TV-MA IMO.

2. Evil Intent - TV-14-LV - Only one use of "fuck", so it doesn't earn a TV-MA.

3. No Rest, No Peace - TV-MA - Just for the scene of Chapel having sex with a stripper.

4. Dominoes - TV-MA-L/TV-14-LV - "Fuck" is said four times, so it gets an L in the uncut version.

5. Souls in the Balance - TV-MA/TV-14-L - The Reverend getting shot in the head isn't enough for a V IMO.

6. Endgame - TV-MA-L/TV-14-LV

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