Not counting explicit profanity. Not yet finished. Also, this is for all three seasons.

Season 1:

1. Burning Visions - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-DLV (Current rating)

2. Evil Intent - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-LSV (Current rating) - An S for Clown masturbating.

3. No Rest, No Peace - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-LSV (Current rating) - Originally for the scene of Chapel having sex with a stripper, but it's too moderate IMO.

4. Dominoes - TV-14-LV

5. Souls in the Balance - TV-14-L (Original rating)/TV-14-DL (Current rating)

6. Endgame - TV-14-LV

Season 2:

1. Home, Bitter Home - TV-14-LS - Same reason as Evil Intent.

2. Access Denied - TV-14-LS - The violence isn't enough for a V, but an S for Spawn having a nightmare of Wanda and Terry having sex.

3. Colors of Blood - TV-14-L - The violence is too moderate IMO.

4. Send in the KKKlowns - TV-14

5. Death Blow - TV-14-L