1. Explode - TV-PG - Space Ghost mentioning naked girls doesn't get a D.

2. $20.01 - TV-PG - On DVD, the Ultra Seven footage used when Space Ghost and Joel Hodgson do commentary on a film is replaced by a different film by one of the crew members for Coast to Coast, but the original audio from Ultra Seven and the commentary by SG and Joel still remains. Either way, it's a TV-PG for both.

3. Lovesick - TV-PG

4. Transcript - TV-G

5. Sharrock - TV-G

6. Boo! - TV-Y7

7. Freak Show - TV-PG (Original rating)/TV-Y7 (Re-rating) - The word "crap" is acceptable with a TV-Y7 IMO, since it was said on some episodes of Ren and Stimpy and Hey Arnold.

8. Switcheroo - TV-PG - For the scenes with Chad Ghostal interviewing Elvira.

9. Surprise - TV-PG (Original rating)/TV-Y7-FV (Re-rating) - Zorak blasting multiple guests earns a FV.

10. Glenn Campbell - TV-PG

11. Jacksonville - TV-PG

12. Late Show - TV-PG

13. Cookout - TV-PG

14. Art Show - TV-G

15. Woody Allen's Fall Project - TV-Y7

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