Not yet finished.

1. Resonance of a Soul - Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe? - TV-14-DSV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Re-rating) - This is the only episode to get a TV-14-DLSV, but it's pretty mild. However, I still rate it TV-14 for suggestive content.

2. I Am the Star! The Big Man is Showing Up Here? - TV-PG-LV - Violence is pretty tame for a TV-14. Two uses of "bastard" earns an L, and Tsubaki bathing doesn't get an S.

3. The Perfect Boy - Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission? - TV-14 - For violence.

4. Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard? - TV-PG-LV - The cold opening scene with Soul and Blair and Blair bathing doesn't get an S.

5. Shape of the Soul - Enter the Ultimate Meister Stein? - TV-14

6. The New Student - Kid's First Day at the Academy, Will It Be an Entrance to Remember? - TV-PG-LV - Some blood spray, but since it's intended to be humorous, it doesn't earn a TV-14 IMO.

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