1. The Ex-Girlfriend - TV-PG - Two uses of the term "son of a..." doesn't get an L, since the actual word is never said.

2. The Pony Remark - TV-PG

3. The Busboy - TV-PG

4. The Baby Shower - TV-PG-D - A D for Kramer mentioning nudity when talking to Jerry about pirating cable, which could be a reference to porn. Also, Jerry's dream sequence doesn't get a V.

5. The Jacket - TV-PG-L - One use of "bastard" earns an L.

6. The Chinese Restaurant - TV-PG

7. The Phone Message - TV-PG-D (Original rating)/TV-PG (Re-rating) - George saying "Coffee is sex" doesn't earn a D, since it's not meant to be suggestive.

8. The Apartment - TV-PG

9. The Stranded - TV-PG

10. The Statue - TV-PG-D

11. The Heart Attack - TV-PG-D - One use of "ass" doesn't get an L, and the ambulance crashing offscreen doesn't get a V.

12. The Revenge - TV-PG - Elaine talking about nudist colonies doesn't get a D.

13. The Deal - TV-PG-D

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