1. Radio Free Sealab - TV-PG-DL

2. Happycake - TV-PG-LV (Original rating)/TV-PG-L (Re-rating) - Originally gave it a V for Hesh biting a wire and getting electrocuted, but it's too mild.

3. I, Robot - TV-14-D

4. Chickmate - TV-14-S - Same reason as Brady.

5. Predator - Need to rewatch

6. Lost in Time - TV-PG-DL

7. Little Orphan Angry - TV-PG-DLV

8. Waking Quinn - TV-14

9. All That Jazz - TV-PG-DLSV (Original rating)/TV-PG-DLS (Re-rating) - Originally gave it a V for Murphy's teeth being knocked out by soda cans.

10. Murphy Murph and the Feng Shui Bunch - TV-PG-DLV

11. In the Closet - TV-PG-DLV (Original rating)/TV-PG-DL (Re-rating) - Originally gave it a V for a couple instances of people being punched, but it's too mild.

12. Stimutacs - TV-14

13. Swimming in Oblivion - TV-PG-DLS

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