1. XCII - TV-PG-V - Violence is too mild for a TV-14.

2. XCIII - TV-14-V

3. XCIV - TV-14-V

4. XCV - TV-PG-V - This episode aired with a TV-14-DLV rating, as a result of the April's Fools joke Adult Swim pulled with Rick and Morty. But this episode isn't violent enough for a TV-14. There is blood for sure, but it's mostly just alien blood.


6. XCVII - TV-PG - The "talking penis" line isn't enough for a D.

7. XCVIII - TV-14 - Violence is not enough for a V, but too intense for a TV-PG-V.


9. C - TV-PG

10. CI - TV-PG-V

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