1a. Ren's Toothache - TV-Y7 - Ren pulling out his nerve endings is pretty gross for a TV-G.

1b. Rubber Nipple Salesmen - TV-PG - The scene with Mr. Horse is pretty disturbing for general audiences.

2. Sven Hoëk - TV-PG - The infamous scene with Ren making violent threats towards Stimpy and Sven gets a TV-PG.

3a. Haunted House - TV-Y7-FV - A FV for the bloody head scene, which isn't enough for a TV-PG. The DVD version of this episode is a plain TV-Y7. And the ghost drinking poison isn't enough for a TV-PG either.

3b. Mad Dog Hoëk - TV-Y7-FV

4a. In the Army - TV-Y7 - I originally rated this episode TV-PG for Ren going insane and destroying a bed with an axe.

5a. Big Baby Scam - TV-Y7

5b. Dog Show - TV-G - George Liquor's name is okay for a TV-G, because it's not meant to be taken as an alcohol reference.

6a. Monkey See, Monkey Don't - TV-G

6b. Powdered Toast Man - TV-Y7 - The scene with the president isn't enough for a TV-PG.

7a. Fake Dad - TV-Y7

7b. Out West - TV-PG - A TV-PG for people being hung on nooses.

8. Stimpy's Fan Club - TV-PG - It's pretty obvious why.

9a. The Great Outdoors - TV-G

9b. The Cat that Laid the Golden Hairball - TV-Y7

10. A Visit to Anthony - TV-PG

11. The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen - TV-Y7 - For the early MTV broadcasts with the word "hell" being uncensored, it's a TV-PG.

12. Son of Stimpy - TV-Y7

13. Man's Best Friend - TV-PG - Ren beating George Liqour with an oar is definitely a TV-PG.

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