1. Big House Blues - TV-G - Same rating for the both the edited and unedited versions.

2. Stimpy's Big Day/The Big Shot - TV-G - Same rating for both episodes.

3. Robin Hoëk - TV-Y7

4. Nurse Stimpy - TV-Y7

5. Space Madness - TV-Y7

6. The Boy Who Cried Rat - TV-G

7. Fire Dogs - TV-G

8. The Littlest Giant - TV-G

9. Marooned - TV-Y7-FV (Original rating)/TV-Y7 (Current rating) - Originally for scenes of Ren beating up Stimpy but it's not enough.

10. Untamed World - TV-G

11. Black Hole - TV-G

12. Stimpy's Invention - TV-Y7

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