Not finished, I still have two episodes left to watch.

1. The Lord's Greatest Gift - TV-14-V - A V for people getting attacked by zombies.

2. God's Chef - Unseen

3. Charity - TV-MA (Original rating), TV-14 (Re-rating) - Originally rated TV-MA for drug use.

4. Waste - TV-14

5. The Blessed Union - TV-14-D (Original rating), TV-PG-D (Re-rating) - Some sexual jokes, but they're all moderate.

6. Omnipresence - TV-PG - I don't think Orel unintentionally making an elderly person flatline is enough to get a rating higher than TV-PG.

7. God-Fearing - Unseen

8. Loyalty - TV-14 - Only for the scene with Orel and Joe beating up two gay kids, everything else is mild.

9. Maturity - TV-14

10. The Best Christmas Ever - TV-PG

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