1. Illegal Aliens - TV-14 - Jewcano getting an erection doesn't get an S.

2. Tax Day - TV-14 - Just for a woman giving White Shadow head in the hot tub, everything else is moderate.

3. His Story - TV-PG-DLSV

4. El Dia Gigante - TV-PG - Only two bleeped out swears doesn't get an L.

5. Tribe & Prejudice - TV-14

6. Heaven Can Wait - TV-14

7. And Justice for Some - TV-14-L - An L for frequent bleeped profanity.

8. The Internet 2.0 - TV-14

9. Women's Suffrage - TV-PG-DLV - A D for Stormy touching Jane's breasts.

10. Space Driftin' - TV-14-D - A D for Wang saying "You got ass-raped in prison every night."

11. Universal World Games - TV-14

12. The Fog - TV-14 - "Faggot" is said once, but it's censored, so no L needed.

13. Evilfellas - TV-PG-DLV - I was going to rate it TV-14, but it's too moderate IMO.

14. Landon in Love - TV-PG-DL

15. Le Black Coq - TV-14 - Suggestive content throughout earns the rating.

16. Tremendous Class - TV-14 - Wang making a joke about White Shadow sucking dick isn't enough for a D.

17. The Assimilator - TV-14-D - A D for Racist Frankenstein saying "Me think this guy suck donkey balls."

18. Behold Balactus, Part 1 - TV-PG-DL

19. Behold Balactus, Part 2 - TV-PG-DLS - An S for an unicorn briefly humping another unicorn.

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