1. The Curse of Dethklok - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)

2. Dethwater - TV-14-SV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)

3. Birthdayface - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

4. Dethtroll - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Re-rating)/TV-14 (Current rating) - The troll ripping his organs out isn't enough for a V IMO.

5. Dethkomedy - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14-DV (Re-rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)

6. Dethfam - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating) - The interviewer's neck getting cut by a stage light isn't enough for a V.

7. Performanceklok - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

8. Snakes n' Barrels - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

9. Mordland - TV-14-V (Orignal rating)/TV-14-L (Current rating) - One of the Jomfru brothers getting shot in the head and Nathan vomiting blood isn't enough for a V, but an L for “Fuck you” being shown written on a body bag in the Fansong music video.

10. Fat Kid at the Detharmonic - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14-D (Current rating) - Blowjobs being mentioned earns a D.

11. Skwisklok - TV-14-V

12. Murdering Outside the Box - TV-14-LSV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating) - Toki wearing a strap-on isn't an S.

13. Go Forth and Die - TV-14-L (Original rating)/TV-14 (Re-rating)/TV-PG-LV (Current rating)

14. Bluesklok - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Re-rating)/TV-14 (Current rating) - The ending isn't enough for a V IMO.

15. Religionklok - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating) - Originally for religious humor throughout, but it's too moderate.

16. Dethkids - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

17. Dethclown - TV-14-DLS (Original rating)/TV-14-DL (Re-rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

18. Girlfriendklok - TV-14-DLSV (Original rating)/TV-14-D (Current rating) - A D for a Dethklok fan saying, “We'll totally slob your knob!”. Also, there isn't any sexual content in this episode, so I'm not sure why I gave it an S.

19. Dethstars - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Re-rating)/TV-14 (Current rating) - An actor getting impailed on a forklift isn't enough for a V.

20. The Metalocalypse Has Begun - TV-MA-V (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)