Not yet finished.

1. Episode 1 - TV-14-L - One mention of tampons doesn't get a D, and the Backyard Gator Wrestling skit isn't enough for a V.

2. Episode 2 - TV-14-LS - This episode is actually the pilot episode, but it is the second episode aired. Anyways, the skit with the dog watching porn and masturbating is an S.

3. Episode 3 - TV-14-DL - There's no sexual content, so it's odd that it got an S. And violence is far too mild for a V.

4. Episode 4 - TV-14-DL

5. Episode 5 - TV-14-DL - The Skins vs. Shirts skit and someone humping a house during the On Ice skit doesn't get an S. And E.T getting killed doesn't get a V, since it's too comedic and over the top IMO.

6. Episode 6 - TV-14-L - The sexual harrasment sketch doesn't get an S. And the scene with someone's arm getting ripped off by a lawnmower doesn't get a V, since it's too unconvincing.

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