Every episode in the uncut version is rated TV-MA-L.

1. Jamallies - TV-14-DLS - Drug use doesn't get a TV-MA. And a photograph of a man lying dead on the sidewalk with his head cracked open doesn't get a V.

2. Child Please - TV-14-DL - One mention of cockblocking is fine with a TV-14-DL.

3. Come Out to Play - TV-14-DL

4. Inspired by Isis - TV-14-DLV

5. The Legend of Tupaquia - TV-14-DLS

6. Class President - TV-14-DL - The commercial with a stripper and a woman flashing her breasts doesn't get an S, and a student beating someone up with a tuba is too mild for a V.

7. Cane and Disabled - TV-MA - Just for one uncensored use of "cocksucker".

8. End of Days - TV-14-DLSV - People watching the Bill Cosby sex tape and Milk about to have sex with his blow-up doll in the shower isn't enough for an S, but for a man masturbating behind a curtain.

9. More Than a Video Game - TV-14-DLSV - An S for the pat down scene.

10. 25th Hour - TV-14-DL

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