1. KSK!!! - TV-14-DSV - There's not a lot of sexual references in this episode, but for very suggestive visuals, it gets a D.

2. The Sting of Alfonzo Molestro - TV-14-DV - Some sexual visuals which resemble masturbation, such as Alfonzo tugging on his nose like he's jacking off, but it doesn't get an S.

3. Chuckles and Smear - TV-14-DSV - King Star King having sex with Baroness Sludgeclot by going inside her body doesn't get an S, but King Star King masturbating with his hand inside his pants earns an S.

4. Fat Frank's Fantasy Lounge - TV-14-DS - King Star King masturbating is very brief, so it doesn't get a TV-MA.

5. The Saga of Mike Balls - TV-14-DSV

6. Springtime in the Gigantiverse - TV-14-DLSV

7. Kwa Kwa City - TV-14-DSV

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