1. Charlie Gets Crippled - TV-14-L - The strip club scene isn't enough for an S.

2. The Gang Goes Jihad - TV-14-L

3. Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare - TV-14-L

4. Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom - TV-14-L

5. Hundred Dollar Baby - TV-14-L - There is physical violence throughout the episode, but it's not enough for a V.

6. The Gang Gives Back - TV-14-L

7. The Gang Exploits a Miracle - TV-14-L

8. The Gang Runs for Office - TV-14-DL - I did remove a D at one point, but multiple mentions of “ass-blasting” earns it.

9. Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass - TV-14-L - Woman flashing isn't enough for an S, and Liam stabbing Charlie in the back with a fork and a man shooting himself in the head offscreen isn't enough for a V.

10. Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad - TV-14-L

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