1. The Gang Gets Racist - TV-14-L - There are frequent jokes about racism and homosexuality, but it's not enough for a TV-MA.

2. Charlie Wants an Abortion - TV-14-L - One mention of a blowjob doesn't get a D.

3. Underage Drinking: A National Concern - TV-14-L

4. Charlie Has Cancer - TV-14 - "Shit" is only said twice, so it's fine without an L.

5. Gun Fever - TV-14-L - One use of "cock" doesn't get a TV-MA. Also, it's used as an insult, so it doesn't get a D, and Charlie getting shot is too mild for a V.

6. The Gang Finds a Dead Guy - TV-14-L

7. Charlie Got Molested - TV-14-DL

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