That's right. A kid's show. Not yet finished.

Pilot - TV-Y7-FV

The Nightmare Begins - TV-Y7

Bestest Friend - TV-Y7-FV - I gave it a FV subrating for there being a silhouette of Keef's eyes getting ripped out and replaced with robot eyes.

Nanozim - TV-Y7

Parent Teacher Night - TV-Y7

Walk of Doom - TV-Y7

Germs - TV-Y7-FV - A FV for the movie Zim and Gir watch in the beginning of the episode.

Dark Harvest - TV-PG - Zim stealing organs from kids is a bit too much for a TV-Y7.

Attack of the Saucer Morons - TV-Y7

The Wettening - TV-Y7

Career Day - TV-Y7

Battle-Dib - TV-Y7-FV

Planet Jackers - TV-Y7-FV - A FV for Zim's eye popping out of its socket.

Rise of the Zitboy - TV-Y7

Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain - TV-Y7

Bad, Bad, Rubber Piggy - TV-PG - Zim tormenting Dib in the past using rubber pigs is pretty dark.

A Room with a Moose - TV-Y7

Hamstergeddon - TV-Y7

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