1. Naraku's Heart - TV-14-V (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

2. Kagura's Wind - TV-14 - This episode is too dark for a TV-PG.

3. Meido Zangetsuha - TV-PG/TV-PG-L (Subbed) - The flashback to Kagura's Wind doesn't get a V. Also, the Japanese version gets an L for one use of "bastard".

4. Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-PG-LV (Current rating)

5. The Great Holy Demon Spirit's Test - TV-14-V (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating) - "Bastard" being said four times doesn't earn a TV-14, but for violence, it earns the rating.

6. The End of Moryomaru - TV-14 - For violence.

7. The Mausoleum of Mount Azusa - TV-PG/TV-PG-L (Subbed)

8. Among the Twinkling Stars - TV-PG/TV-PG-L (Subbed) - Profanity is very mild, so it doesn't get an L.

9. Sesshomaru in the Underworld - TV-PG-V - A V for Sesshomaru killing demonic monsters.

10. Flowers Drenched in Sadness - TV-PG-LV

11. Kanna's Gravestone - TV-PG

12. Sango's Feelings, Miroku's Resolve - TV-PG-DV/TV-PG-DLV (Subbed)

13. A Complete Meido - TV-PG-V/TV-PG-LV (Subbed)

14. In Pursuit of Naraku - TV-PG-V

15. True Heir - TV-PG-LV

16. Hitomiko's Barrier - TV-PG-LV

17. Magatsuhi's Evil Will - TV-14

18. The Day of Days - TV-PG

19. Kohaku's Shard - TV-PG-V

20. When the Jewel is Whole - TV-PG-LV

21. Inside Naraku - TV-PG-V

22. Naraku: The Trap of Darkness - TV-PG-LV

23. Naraku: The Trap of Light - TV-PG - Violence is pretty moderate, so it doesn't need a V.

24. Naraku's Uncertain Wish - TV-PG-LV - An L for "bastard" being said three times.

25. Thoughts Fall Short - TV-PG-LV - "Bastard" is said twice, so it gets an L.

26. Toward Tomorrow - TV-PG-V

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