1. Get Away From my Mom - TV-PG-L - Erik saying the f-word in duck talk gets an L.

2. I Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences - TV-PG-L

3. The Art of the Sucker Punch - TV-PG - There's no sexual references, so a D isn't needed.

4. Brendon Gets Rabies - TV-PG - There's barely any profanity, so an L isn't needed.

5. Yoko - TV-PG

6. Director's Cut - TV-PG

7. It Was Supposed to be Funny - TV-PG

8. Method of Acting - TV-PG - There's not really any strong sexual references, so a D isn't needed.

9. Life Through a Fish Eye Lens - TV-PG

10. School Nurse - TV-PG

11. Mortgages and Marbles - TV-PG (Original rating)/TV-PG-D (Re-rating) - A D for McGuirk asking Erik "How long were they doing it behind your back?"

12. Law and Boarder - TV-PG - Brendon getting hit by a car in the beginning of the episode is too mild to get a V.

13. Brendon's Choice - TV-PG

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