1. Read 'em and Weep - TV-14

2. Can't Stop Coffin - TV-14-V - For Cuddles' flesh getting ripped off by a truck tire.

3. We're Scrooged! - TV-PG-V (Original rating)/TV-14 (Re-rating) - Cuddles and Giggles playing with Toothy's bloody finger and Toothy falling into a box of wind-up teeth and getting shredded is a bit too much for a TV-PG.

4. A Sucker for Love - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-PG-V (Re-rating) - Nutty's death is fine with this rating IMO.

5. Just Desert - TV-PG-V

6. Peas in a Pod - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-PG-V (Re-rating) - The strongest scene of violence is just Toothy choking his organs out, which is fine with this rating.

7. Wrath of Con - TV-14-V

8. All Flocked Up - TV-14 - For Lumpy's death.

9. Something Fishy - TV-14

10. Without a Hitch - TV-14-V

11. Swelter Skelter - TV-14

12. I Nub You - TV-14

13. A Bit of a Pickle - TV-14

14. See You Later Elevator - TV-14-V

15. Clause for Concern - TV-PG-V - The post-credits scene isn't enough for a TV-14.

16. The Chokes on You - TV-14-V

17. Royal Flush - TV-14

18. Brake the Cycle - TV-14

19. Random Acts of Silence - TV-14-V

20. Breaking Wind - TV-14

21. All in Vein - TV-PG-V

22. All Bottled Up - TV-PG-V - Cub's and Russell's deaths are fine with this rating, since it's not that bloody.

23. No Time Like the Present - TV-14

24. By the Seat of your Pants - TV-14-V - For Flippy's death at the end.

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