1. Rebirth - TV-PG-L

2. In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela - TV-PG-DS

3. Attack of the Killer App - TV-14/TV-PG-DL (Alternate rating) - Just for the word "bastard" being said 6 times.

4. Proposition Infinity - TV-PG-DS - An S for Bender and Amy lying in bed after having sex and also for Farnsworth's girlfriend lying naked in bed with a robot.

5. The Duh-Vinci Code - TV-PG-DV (Original rating)/TV-PG-D (Current rating)

6. Lethal Inspection - TV-PG-DL - A D for Bender saying "Dying sucks butt."

7. The Late Phillip J. Fry - TV-PG-DS - An S for Bender and the ladybot having sex offscreen.

8. That Darn Katz! - TV-PG

9. A Clockwork Origin - TV-PG-D

10. The Prisoner of Benda - TV-PG-DSV - A V for the Chinese ambassador's arm getting cut off.

11. Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences - TV-PG-D

12. The Mutants Are Revolting - TV-PG-D

13. The Futurama Holiday Spectacular - TV-PG-DS (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)/TV-PG-DS (Alternate rating) - Just for Petunia saying "Maybe a taste of sweet nectar straight from the hive?

14. Neutopia - TV-PG-DL

15. Benderama - TV-PG-D

16. Ghost in the Machines - TV-PG-D

17. Law and Oracle - TV-PG-D

18. The Silence of the Clamps - TV-PG-DL

19. Yo Leela Leela - TV-PG-DL

20. All the Presidents' Heads - TV-PG-DL

21. Mobius Dick - TV-PG-D

22. Fry Am The Egg Man - TV-PG-DLV - A V for Angus getting shot.

23. The Tip of the Zoidberg - TV-PG-DLV

24. Cold Warriors - TV-PG

25. Overclockwise - TV-PG-L

26. Reincarnation - TV-PG-DV

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