1. Roswell That Ends Well - TV-PG-S - An S for Fry and Mildred lying in bed naked. Also, Zoidberg's autopsy doesn't get a V.

2. A Tale of Two Santas - TV-PG-L

3. Anthology of Interest II - TV-PG-DL - One use of "skank" earns an L.

4. Love and Rocket - TV-PG

5. Leela's Homeworld - TV-PG

6. Where the Buggalo Roam - TV-PG-D

7. A Pharaoh to Remember - TV-PG

8. Godfellas - TV-PG (Original rating)/TV-PG-D (Current rating)

9. Future Stock - TV-PG-LS (Original rating)/TV-PG-DLS (Current rating) - A D for the sign that reads, “Free in-room porn or bible”, and an S for Scruffy reading porn.

10. A Leela of Her Own - TV-PG

11. 30% Iron Chef - TV-PG (Original rating)/TV-PG-D (Current rating) - A D for prostitutes being mentioned.

12. Where No Fan Has Gone Before - TV-PG-D - A D for Leela saying, "Go *beep sound* yourself".