1. A Flight to Remember - TV-PG

2. Mars University - TV-PG - One mention of neutering doesn't get a D.

3. When Aliens Attack - TV-PG-D

4. Fry and the Slurm Factory - TV-PG - Profanity isn't enough for an L, and the All My Circuits scene in the cold open isn't enough for an S.

5. I Second That Emotion - TV-PG-DL - Porn being mentioned gets a D, and an L for one use of "bastard".

6. Brannigan, Begin Again - TV-PG-D - Sex is mentioned, which gets an automatic D IMO.

7. A Head in the Polls - TV-PG-DL

8. Xmas Story - TV-PG

9. Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? - TV-PG-DLV - The decapodians mating offscreen isn't enough for an S. Also, a V for Zoidberg cutting Fry's arm off and an L for "bastard" being used twice.

10. The Lesser of Two Evils - TV-PG-DLS

11. Put Your Head on my Shoulders - TV-PG (Original rating)/TV-PG-L (Re-rating) - 6 uses of "ass" doesn't get an L, but one use of "hell" added to that makes a total of 7 swears, which gets an L IMO.

12. Raging Bender - TV-PG

13. A Bicyclops Built for Two - TV-PG-D - The internet porn city scene isn't enough for a TV-14.

14. A Clone of My Own - TV-PG-DL - A D for Leela saying "They may ask for a DNA sample", followed by Fry pulling up his pants and saying "I'd like to see them find it!", which possibly means he's referring to his penis.

15. How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back - TV-PG-DS - An S for Fry and Morgan being shown in bed after having sex.

16. The Deep South - TV-PG-LS - An S for Fry and Umbriel about to have sex.

17. Bender Gets Made - TV-PG - Profanity isn't enough for an L, and a robot getting gunned down doesn't earn a V.

18. Mother's Day - TV-PG-DLS

19. The Problem With Popplers - TV-PG-D - A D for Fry saying "They're like sex, but I'm having them!"

20. Anthology of Interest I - TV-PG-SV - One use of "ass" doesn't get an L, but I gave it an S for the ending of the Dial L for Leela segment.

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