1. Collector - TV-14-V (Original rating)/TV-PG-LV (Current rating)

2. Loser - TV-14 - Need to rewatch.

3. Chase the Numbers - TV-PG-DL (Original rating)/TV-PG-D (Current rating) - A D for a girl asking Mira if she and Kyoma are "doing it".

4. The Mystery Hidden in Lake Yasogami - TV-14-V - Need to rewatch.

5. The Possibilities of the Dead - TV-14

6. The Wind of Africa - TV-PG-LV - Need to rewatch.

7. The Voice Calling From the Past - TV-PG-V (Original rating)/TV-PG (Current rating)

8. The Island that Fell into the Void - TV-PG-L

9. The Key to Adrastea - TV-14 - Violence isn't enough for a V.

10. Resurrected Nightmare - TV-14 - Was going to rate it TV-PG-LV, but it's much too strong.

11. The Lost Genesis - TV-14

12. The Future Reached - TV-PG-LV

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