1. Asteroid Blues - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Re-rating)/TV-14 (Current rating) - A man being shot in the head isn't enough for a V since it barely showed any blood, but I still rate it TV-14 for drug use.

2. Stray Dog Strut - TV-14-L - An L for "shit" being said three times.

3. Honky Tonk Woman - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)/TV-PG-V (Alternate rating) - One use of shit earns it.

4. Gateway Shuffle - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Re-rating)/TV-14 (Current rating) - Two uses of shit isn't an L, but I would still rate it TV-14 for dark content. Also, this episode got re-rated to TV-MA-LS, which is kinda ridiculous because there isn't any sexual content.

5. Ballad of Fallen Angels - TV-14-V

6. Sympathy for the Devil - TV-14-L (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)/TV-PG-V (Alternate rating)

7. Heavy Metal Queen - TV-14-L

8. Waltz for Venus - TV-14 - Two homosexuals being caught having sex isn't enough for an S.

9. Jamming with Edward - TV-PG

10. Ganymede Elegy - TV-PG

11. Toys in the Attic - TV-14/TV-PG (Alternate rating) - Same reason as Honky Tonk Woman.

12. Jupiter Jazz, Part 1 - TV-14/TV-PG-DV (Alternate rating) - Just for Gren's bare breasts being shown, and a D for the scene with the tranvestite.

13. Jupiter Jazz, Part 2 - TV-PG-DV - A D for Jet finding Faye on Gren's bed with handcuffs on and says “He's one of those kinda guys, huh?”

14. Bohemian Rhapsody - TV-14/TV-PG-L (Alternate rating)

15. My Funny Valentine - TV-PG

16. Black Dog Serenade - TV-14-V - The violence is too moderate for a TV-MA.

17. Mushroom Samba - TV-14 - Drug use earns the rating.

18. Speak Like a Child - TV-PG - There isn't any violence in this episode, so it doesn't need a V.

19. Wild Horses - TV-14/TV-PG-L (Alternate rating)

20. Pierrot Le Fou - TV-14-V

21. Boogie Woogie Feng Shui - TV-14/TV-PG-V (Alternate rating) - A V for Jet breaking one of the assassins' neck.

22. Cowboy Funk - TV-14/TV-PG-L (Alternate rating)

23. Brain Scratch - TV-PG

24. Hard Luck Woman - TV-14/TV-PG (Alternate rating)

25. The Real Folk Blues, Part 1 - TV-14-V

26. The Real Folk Blues, Part 2 - TV-14 - The violence isn't enough for a V.