1. The Story of 420 - TV-14-DLS

2. Psychological Problems - TV-14-DLV

3. My Pal Jodie - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Re-rating) - One use of "pussy" doesn't get an L, and George Micheal being shot doesn't get a V.

4. Dave Gets Boobs - TV-14-DL

5. Valley of the Silicon Dolls - TV-14-DLV

6. The Kid is Mine - TV-14-DV - Need to rewatch.

7. Dean in Charge - TV-14-DV

8. Drunken Office Party - TV-14-DL

9. Trouble in the Middle East - TV-14-DLV - Dave briefly humping the vending machine and watching porno near the end doesn't get an S.

10. Benny's Birthday - TV-14-DV

11. The Great Recession - TV-14-DLV

12. Dave's Day Off - TV-14-DL - The blow-up doll and the ending scene aren't enough for an S.

13. Car Robber Sunnyvale - TV-14-DLSV - An S for the ending scene.

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