1. The Perfect Lecture - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-14-S (Current rating) - Frank masturabting gets an S.

2. Is College Worth It? - TV-14

3. Do You Know Who You Look Like? - TV-14 - One uncensored use of "goddamn" isn't an L.

4. The Diamond Castle - TV-14-D

5. Kenny Winker Rules - TV-14-D

6. China-Man Begins - TV-14-DS

7. Total Validation - TV-14

8. Surfer God - TV-14-V - One uncensored use of "shit" doesn't get an L.

9. Prank Week - TV-14

10. Wild Hogs - TV-14-L - When I watched this episode on VOD, the word "shit" was said three times uncensored, so it gets an L.

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