1. Ring of Fire - TV-14-V (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

2. Pegfinger - TV-14-LSV - An S for Assy having sex with a prostitute.

3. Pharmassy - TV-14-V

4. Mile High Mayhem - TV-PG-DLSV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

5. Murder on the Midway - TV-14 - Two uses of "pussy" doesn't get an L.

6. Bikes for Bombs - TV-14

7. Vowel Play - TV-14-SV

8. Irish Wake - TV-14-V

9. Hands Up - TV-14-SV

10. The Ballad of Blind Anthony - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)

11. Showdown in Magic City - TV-14

12. Johnny Arson - TV-14-V

13. The Assy Diaries - TV-14-SV

14. Squirrels - TV-14-V

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