1. Hired - TV-14-DL - For the karaoke scene.

2. Signals - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-PG-LV (Re-rating) - Language is not enough for a TV-14, and a V for a guy getting shot through the head by an arrow (with no blood) and another guy getting hit by 3 arrows with some blood showing.

3. Rooster - TV-PG-LV - A V for a flashback of Fitz being electrocuted.

4. Spider - TV-14-V

5. Rememorized - TV-PG-LV - Man/Woman giving the middle finger is fine with this rating, so is the ending.

6. Spharktasm - TV-PG-LV - A V for Skillet shooting a corn dog, which then sprays blood.

7. Adventure Mouse - TV-14-V

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