So yeah, like Brady108, I decided to post my ratings for the show.

Season 1:

Rabbot - TV-PG - It doesn't deserve a L, because there's no swearing. Other than use of "freaking", there shouldn't really be a L.

Bus of the Undead - TV-PG - Other than one use of "piss" and one use of "damn", it doesn't need a L.

Mayhem of the Mooninites- TV-PG-DL - While there is some mature humor and one use of the middle finger, it doesn't need a TV-14.

MC Pee Pants- TV-PG-DL - No real violence for a V, but a D for rape being mentioned.

Season 2:

Super Computer - TV-PG-DLSV - The fact that Carl had a hooker over at his house is enough for a S.

Super Sirloin - TV-14 - Not enough profanity for a L, but it's a TV-14 for some blood spray.

Revenge of the Trees - TV-PG-V - Since the only swear in this episode is "hell", a L isn't that necessary.

Season 3:

Unremarkable Voyage - TV-14-DSV - It should be an S for Carl enlarging his dick.

Little Brittle - TV-14 - Little Brittle being mauled by a vampire isn't really enough for a V.

Master - TV-PG-DL - The sexual references aren't strong enough for a 14.

Diet - TV-PG-LV

Season 4:

Boost Mobile - TV-PG-DL - References to hoes and private parts definitely gets a D.

Hand Banana - TV-14-DLS - No violence, so a V isn't necessary.

Season 5:

Couples Skate - TV-14-DLSV - The sexual jokes aren't strong enough for a MA.

Reedickyoulus - TV-MA - Sure there is graphic violence, but it's lighter than shows like Metalocalypse, so the violence here won't get a V. Definitely a MA for homosexuality references. I was actually gonna rate it TV-14-DLSV, but made it MA due to homosexuality jokes.

Dummy Love - TV-14-DLSV

The Marines - TV-MA - There is strong violence, but it's enough for just a plain TV-MA.

Season 6:

Shake Like Me - TV-14-DLV - The racial jokes are rather moderate and not meant to offend. Shows like Minoriteam and Black Jesus have strong racial themes, but for this episode, they're pretty light.

Chick Magnet - TV-14-DLSV

Creature from the Plaque Lagoon - TV-14-L

Season 9:

Totem Pole - TV-14 - Heads being shoved up butts is pretty gross, but it's not a TV-MA IMO.

Season 10:

Freda - TV-14-D

Season 11:

Mouth Quest - TV-14-DLV - Not even sure why it got a TV-MA-L if "shit" was said only about 5 times. S01E10 of Rick and Morty had 5 uses of the word "shit", and still got a 14. Brad Neely's shows sometimes have shit uncensored, but censor them at times to keep a 14 rating. So yeah, the language in this one is enough for a 14.

Knapsack - TV-14-DLS - Everyone getting blown up by a missle at the end isn't really enough for a V.

Hospice - TV-14-DLS - There should be a S for Carl watching porn. Also, it's not violent enough for a V.

The Greatest Story Ever Told - TV-MA-V - This episode does have strong bloody violence, like Superjail and Metalocalypse. It's definitely a V.

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