1. Hetero-Cephalo Agenda - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-DLSV (Re-rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating) - Originally for the ending, but it's not enough. The Pride Parade scene isn't enough for an S, and one uncensored use of "goddamn" doesn't get an L.

2. Limbitless - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)

3. Taint Misbehavin' - TV-14-DLSV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

4. Ink is Thicker than Blood, Which is Thicker than Water - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-PG-DLV (Current rating)

5. Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg! - TV-14-DLS (Original rating)/TV-14-DS (Current rating) - An S for the ending.

6. A Walk to Dignity - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

7. Granny Hotfoot - TV-14 - One uncensored use of "shit" doesn't get an L.

8. Sheriff-in-Law - TV-14-DLS (Original rating)/TV-PG-DLS (Current rating) - Early having sex with an elderly woman isn't enough for a TV-14.

9. Hybrid to Hell - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-PG-DLV (Current rating)

10. Jose Can You? Si! - TV-14-DLSV - Need to rewatch.