1a. No Pain, No Gain - TV-PG-V (Original rating), TV-PG (Re-rating) - I gave it a TV-PG for someone's arms getting ripped off with some blood shown.

1b. Who Gives a Buck - TV-PG - Heffer getting a nosebleed doesn't get a V.

2a. Leap Frogs - TV-PG

2b. Bedfellows - TV-PG - For the nudist scene.

3a. Jetscream - TV-G

3b. Dirty Dog - TV-G

4a. Keeping up With the Bigheads - TV-Y7

4b. Skidmarks - TV-Y7

5a. Power Trip - TV-Y7 - People's arms getting ripped off by Really Really Big Man earns the rating.

5b. To Heck and Back - TV-PG

6a. The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby - TV-Y7

6b. Trash-O-Madness - TV-Y7

7a. Spitballs - TV-Y7

7b. Popcorn Pandemonium - TV-Y7

8a. A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic - TV-Y7 - The phrase "Oh my God" being said is okay with a TV-Y7, since it is said in some live-action Nickelodeon shows.

8b. Canned - TV-Y7

9a. Carnival Knowledge - TV-PG (Original rating), TV-Y7 (Re-rating) - Originally rated TV-PG for the word "hell" being shown on a sign, but since it's in a biblical way, it should be fine.

9b. Sand in your Naval - TV-PG

10a. Cabin Fever - TV-Y7

10b. Rinse and Spit - TV-Y7

11a. Rocko's Happy Sack - TV-G

11b. Flu-In-U-Enza - TV-Y7

12a. Who's for Dinner? - TV-Y7

12b. Love Spanked - TV-PG - For mild sexual references.

13a. Clean Lovin' - TV-PG - A heart being shown squirting out blood is okay without a V.

13b. Unbalanced Load - TV-Y7

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