1a. Space Dogged - TV-PG - Contast jokes about Russia. Bob Camp must've been anti-communism.

1b. Feud for Sale - TV-Y7-FV

2a. Hair of the Cat - TV-G

2b. City Hicks - TV-G

3a. Stimpy's Pet - TV-PG

3b. Ren's Brain - TV-Y7

4a. Bellhops - TV-G

4b. Dog Tags - TV-G

5a. I Was a Teenage Stimpy - TV-G

5b. Who's Stupid Now? - TV-G

6a. School Mates - TV-G

6b. Dinner Party - TV-G

7a. Pen Pals - TV-Y7-FV

7b. Big Flakes - TV-G

8a. Terminal Stimpy - TV-PG

8b. Reverend Jack - TV-14 - It feels very ridiculous to put a TV-14 on this show, but I gave it that rating because it mocks religion.

9. A Scooter for Yaksmas - TV-G

10a. Sammy and Me - TV-Y7-FV

10b. The Last Temptation - TV-G

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