1. Hermit Ren - TV-PG

2a. House of Next Tuesday - TV-G

2b. A Friend in Your Face - TV-Y7 - A Y7 for Ren blowing himself up with dynamite.

3a. Blazing Entrails - TV-Y7

3b. Lumber Jerks - TV-G

4a. Prehistoric Stimpy - TV-Y7

4b. Farm Hands - TV-G

5a. Magical Singing Golden Cheeses - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for the stupidity competition.

5b. A Hard Day's Luck - TV-G

6a. I Love Chicken - TV-G

6b. Powdered Toast Man vs Waffle Woman - TV-Y7

7a. It's a Dog's Life - TV-PG

7b. Egg Yolkeo - TV-G

8a. Double Header - TV-PG - This episode is rather dark.

8b. The Scotsman in Space - TV-G

9a. Pixie King - TV-Y7

9b. Aloha Höek - TV-PG - References to communism gets a TV-PG.

10a. Insomniac Ren - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for Ren being hit with golf clubs off-screen.

10b. My Shiny Friend - TV-G

11a. Cheese Rush Days - TV-G

11b. Wiener Barons - TV-G

12a. Galoot Wanglers - TV-G - Wilbur Cobb dying isn't a TV-PG.

12b. Ren Needs Help - TV-PG

13a. Ol' Blue Nose - TV-G

13b. Stupid Sidekick Union - TV-G

14a. Superstitious Stimpy - TV-Y7

14b. Travelogue - TV-Y7

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